Feature Friday Q&A with Twjana Echols Jones

Fridays are reserved for fun questionnaires with some of my favorite creative and entrepreneurial women, women that I know, follow, and draw inspiration from.

This week I questioned mom, wife, and entrepreneur, Twjana Echols Jones. Twajana is easily one of my favorite people on this planet. She’s smart, creative, ridiculously funny, and the epitome of positive vibes. There is not a moment that I can remember spending in her presence that was not filled with pure joy and belly aching laughter. In addition to being a true gem, Twjana is the ultimate self stater, having owned and operated a successful beauty salon, building her It Girl brand, and most recently, starting a new journey in real estate.

Learn more about Twajana, her entrepreneurial journeyand how she stays so damn positive below.

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Name? Twjana Echols Jones

Current occupation? Realtor with Keller Williams Realty/Part time hair stylist.

You’ve had several careers, all different, but you’ve managed to navigate each successfully. What has been the key, for you, to setting a goal and mastering it? One major key for me is discipline. Being/having an entrepreneurial spirit you have to have discipline. The only person you have to answer to is yourself. If you are not producing you don’t get checks…you don’t get checks…you don’t eat. Who is to blame if that happens…nobody but me. Unless I want to be homeless or hungry, I know I have to get ‘ish’ done.

How did you know it was time to move on from one career to the next, how difficult was it to walk away? I honestly knew it was time for me to make a shift maybe a year or two before I made my decision. The first thing that made me think it was time, was when I had a car accident and broke my wrist. I couldn’t do hair for three months. Six months after that I had an emergency appendectomy. I was out for another two months. Five months after that my building was bought out. The new company were absolute jerkballs, for the lack of better words. God has a funny way of forcing you out of a situation if you don’t listen. I was asked to move from my original location into another location in the building. I’m a vibe(y) type of person. When I walked into the location it just didn’t feel right. I went ahead with painting and remodeling. It still didn’t feel right. My decision was easy to make, when one of the stylist that was working in the salon decided to move on. I no longer felt responsible for anyone else. The straw the broke the camel’s back is this one little drop that was leaking from the ceiling. That one drop is what literally took me over the edge! LOL. Seriously cussing and everything. I was officially OVER IT!!!

The salon was my baby. It was very hard to walk away. It was my “hahaha nah ne boo boo’ to the people who didn’t think I could actually do it. It was almost as if I needed that to feel “accomplished”. Then I was like, F that I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. I’m not trying to impress anybody. I talked it over with my husband, and then in exactly one month and I closed the doors of my salon to pursue other dreams.

You are unarguably one of my favorite people on this planet, your aura is magic! You have this light attached to you that makes a person instantly happy in your presence. Where do you pull those constant positive vibes from? I do not know, LOL. I really don’t know. It’s even weird to me too. I’m just wired this way I guess. I grew up an Oprah Winfrey show kid. Oprah was always positive. I watched the show faithfully. My mom is that “it’s gonna be alright” momma. No matter what was going on in our life, she’d say “it’s gonna be alright”. I believe that the power of life and death lies in the tongue and your thoughts create actions. I know God is always working on my behalf, always. Nothing is ever the end of the world to me. I believe there is always something incredibly awesome behind every no, every closed door, and everything that doesn’t go how you expected it. I love to laugh and have a good time. That trait comes from both sides of my family. I don’t have stuck up and stuffy genes, lol. One of my favorite affirmations that I say is “Love follows me everywhere I go” maybe that explains it. Plus who wants to be around a sourpuss frowny face person. I definitely don’t!

You are now a mother of a young adult son who’s finishing up his freshman year in college. How did becoming a mother so young play into your goal setting and execution? Being a young mom had everything to do with my goal setting and execution! I knew I had to get it. I wasn’t depending on anybody to raise my son. He was my motivation. I had to finish college, but I refused to leave him behind at home. He definitely wasn’t calling someone else momma, nope wasn’t having it! He was considered in every goal that I set. I just thank God for everything. Just thinking back, whew thank you Lord!

I’ve known you and your husband separately and together. Separately you both are amazing individuals, but together, together y’all are the best! Even still, I want you to tell us one thing Mr. and Mrs. Jones absolutely disagree on? That’s a hard one. We pretty much have the same views. Sometimes he is up north rude, LOL. I speak to everybody, he will get a Detroit blank stare on his face in a minute. We definitely disagree on sports teams. His team is the Detroit Lions, mine is the Titans…Red Wings vs. The Predators…Pistons vs. Grizzlies, etc. My team has beat his teams several times!

Explain to us, in your words, what an It Girl is and why it was important to you to create the movement. The name was initially given to me and my business partner Lana when we were celebrating our one year salon anniversary hosted by Scooby and Sharica Smallwood Ware. We had a Lace’lae Hair Salon IT Girl party at Karma that year. The name stuck with us. An IT Girl is defined by her integrity. They are classy, goal driven, self assured and confident beyond measures. IT GIRLS get it done! IT GIRLS know the importance of community and giving back.

I started the simple It Girl shout outs on Instagram in 2013. When I started it, I just wanted to shout out people who I noticed simply doing a good job. I just wanted to encourage other women who were doing their thing. It’s so much negativity promoted, I wanted to highlight the awesome women in the city. It’s important to lift each other up. I was tired of different outlets trying to dim our light. We are literally everything, hands down. I’m super excited about the vision God has given me for IT GIRL.

What’s one thing about yourself you’d like people to know? I would like people to know that I love God. I love LOVE. I love people.

The best piece of advice you’ve ever received? The best advice/quote I received was from my 9th grade marching band color guard coach, “Success lies not in being the best, but in doing your best”.  My only competition is Twjana.

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