Feature Friday Q&A With Christy Spence

Every week on The Cultured Domestic I will be posting fun questionnaires that have been answered by some of my favorite creative and entrepreneurial women, women that I know, follow, draw inspiration from.

This week I questioned Christy Spence of Elizabeth L Events. Christy and I are former college mates and currently bonded through mutual friends, but I have to admit, I’ve always admired her. She has this aura of maturity and sophisticated Southern charm that made me think, “I want to get to know that girl”.

In college, and even more so now, she had impeccable style. While the rest of us were buying everything but the mannequins from Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe, she’d step on the scene looking like a Nordstrom catalog. She looked liked she was running the university and not running to class like the rest of us.

If that’s not impressive enough, within just the last year she envisioned, started, and has thrown several immaculately produced weddings and events through Elizabeth L Events, her wedding and social event planning firm out of Dallas, TX.

For a double shot of impressive, she does all of this while maintaining a successful and full-time career in finance!

I know what you’re thinking…How?

That was precisely my reaction, and lucky for us she was nice enough to give us answers in today’s questionnaire!

Learn more about Christy, Elizabeth L Events, and how she manages it all below.

Also, be sure to view her work on the newly launched elizabethlevents.com and follow her on Instagram at @elizabethlevents for event decor inspiration, great discussion topics, fun giveaways, and much more.

You can contact Christy by email at elizabethlevents@gmail.com.

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