Feature Friday Q&A with Dr. Lauren Simpson

Every week on The Cultured Domestic I will be posting fun questionnaires that have been answered by some of my favorite creative and entrepreneurial women, women that I know, follow, draw inspiration from.

This week I questioned Lauren Simpson, my former graduate school classmate, creator of Adjust Your Crown Mentoring, a virtual mentoring program that offers interactive and in-person workshops on subject matter such as self-love and goal setting, and recent doctoral degree recipient.

Lauren’s fun, outgoing, and magnetic personality drew me to her all those years ago in graduate school, in the same way that it has drawn in her thousands of followers across her social media platforms. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that it is refreshing to see someone gain a following by being her authentic self. It’s been a joy to watch her journey through higher education, home ownership, and career advancement, all before the age of 30…and let’s not forgot the gold that is the many episodes of TRAP Karaoke Car Rides she blesses us with via Snapchat!

Lauren is real life #Goals

Get to know a little more about Lauren below, and if that isn’t enough for you…because it won’t be, follow her on Instagram at @dr.laurenelise and @adjustyourcrownmentoring and on Snapchat @picturesque1908


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  • Reply January 27, 2017

    Porsche Pope

    This is a really cool idea, especially with the presentation of the Q&A!! Awesome. I’m looking forward to meeting more successful women like Lauren.

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