Healthy Eating: Getting Started

I get loads of questions about my diet and how I maintain it, so I decided to record a quick video answering the three main questions I receive.

1) How do I get started: In the video I explain what motivated me to change my diet and the steps I took. Age, metabolism, and aesthetics were the original motivators, but after a while I began noticing that my skin, hair, and energy levels were all benefactors of my lifestyle change and it was enough to convince me to never turn back.

2) How do I shop for healthy food without spending a ton of money: Healthier food items do tend to be a bit higher priced, however, there are ways to save when shopping for groceries. The first is using coupons. Secondly, if you are buying specialty health items, it is less expensive to buy them at specialty stores like Whole Foods as opposed to your normal neighborhood grocer. Another great way to save money is find your local farmers market and purchase your produce there. It is usually better quality and priced lower. Lastly, purchase things like beans and grains in bulk. It allows you to buy just the amount you need which results in lower prices.

3) Do I have to give up all the foods I love to eat healthy: The answer is simply, no. The key is to find better, more nutritious ways to prepare your favorite meals. Eating healthy is not about depravity. Oven fry instead of pan frying your chicken. Have a turkey instead of beef burger. Roast your veggies in water instead of oil. The possibilities are endless. You just have to find them!


Watch below as I answer these questions more in depth

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