What Turning 30 Has Taught Me

I had a great conversation with my best friend about how life’s focus seems to shift when one is approaching or has already reached the year 30. It inspired me to sit down and take note of some things that I personally have noticed changing in my life since turning 30 almost one year ago. There are a lot of things that subconsciously changed without me even noticing them, but there are other differences in me that definitely stand out. By God’s grace, all of life’s adjustments since turning 30 have been positive or at least a lesson well worth learning.

Here are a few ways turning 30 has changed me so far

•Conversation has changed: I find myself having more meaningful and intelligent conversations with people. I’m focused more on things like family, career, buying a home, saving money, and it shows in the topics of conversation I tend to have these days. There’s a lot more life and love versus love and hip hop.

•Discernment has heightened: I am more conscious of the things I say and do and how those things will affect others or myself. I am very strategic in choosing the people that I spend time with and allow in my personal space. I’m leaning more heavily on my intuition and what it tells me about people or situations. I’ve become more ‘matter of fact’ and unapologetic for the decisions I decide to make.

•Defined individuality: I am more happy in my skin than ever before. I know exactly who I am and what makes me unique. I am able celebrate the things that make me different instead of trying to tuck them away. I’ve started to define my own standards of relationship, spirituality, style, and success.

•Greater conviction: In year 30, a high level of conviction has held me accountable to being the person that I say that I am and doing the things I said I would do. If I set a goal (saving money for example) and then try to renege on it, my conscious will bother me until I make it right. It almost feels like a weakening in my spirit when I’ve done something not aligned with who I am now.


Watch the video below for more detail on what turning 30 has taught me.

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