Self Check: Habit Stacking

Happy New Year! This post marks the my first effort at tackling my 2015 goals. Setting resolutions for the new year can be tough, but I feel they are attainable if set under the right pretenses. Resolutions have the reputation of being temporary and non-habit forming, but I happen to think that the new year is a perfect time to incorporate a lifestyle change. There is just something inspiring about a new start on a brand new year. While perusing the internet a while back, I found an article on the concept of habit stacking. Habit stacking is essentially stacking a new habit on top of a current one to ensure success. Without going too in depth in this post (because I’ve recorded a video you can watch below, goal attained…woohoo!!!), an example of habit stacking would be attaching a new habit of flossing daily on an already existing habit of brushing your teeth. Because they are similar habits and the existing one (brushing your teeth) already has neurons in your brain supporting it, grouping the new habit (flossing daily) with it will eventually cause those same neurons to attache to the new habit, making it routine.

I am so excited to be sharing this video with you and plan to upload more on topical posts such as this. I am new to recording videos so there is no fanciness happening here. I still get cross eyed at the idea of editing. For more on the concept of habit stacking and to hear the three habits I will be using this method to obtain, click the video below!



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