Four Things You Should Do Right Now

We are only 11 days into the new year and I am pretty confident that everyone is still holding strong to their new year resolutions or goals. I have come up with a few (or more) things for you to add to the list and you should start right now! These four actions have definitively impacted my life positively and I thought it was time to share them with all of you. In no particular order, here is a list of four awesome life changers.

1.) Practice Punctuality: You have got to start respecting your own time and the time of others. Fashionably late is so overrated and so inconsiderate. I am (99% of the time) always 15 minutes early to everything, especially when it’s on someone else’s time and dime. If you know you are slow to start or have a long preparation process, start preparing earlier than you normally would or prepare ahead.

2.) Start Journaling: Journaling is a perfect way to keep up with ideas and goals, it’s therapeutic, it’s a way to chronicle your accomplishments, and a great way to track your growth. I have been journaling for years and it amazes me how things change so quickly in a short amount of time. I’m able to see my growth in writing.

3.) Minimize Something: Abundance is not good in all things. A closet full of clothes does not equate to style. It actually hinders it because a huge wardrobe tends to be filled with a bunch of impulse buys that aren’t cohesive and don’t speak to who you are, so you never wear any of it. Get rid of excess clutter in your closet or your beauty cabinet and watch how it streamlines your look and cuts down on the time it takes you to get ready everyday.

4.) Overhaul your Social Media: If you have a platform like me, you want to be sure that your social media is supporting the message you are trying to convey through it. Also, most companies are utilizing people’s social media accounts to vet them before offering a job or even an interviewing. Take some time and go through your social media accounts and delete anything that does not speak to who you are now. After you have done that, be sure to carefully curate your posts from that point to be sure aligns with your current vision of self.

Watch this video to hear me talk more about these four points and how I put them into action.

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