Tips for a Successful Shopping Trip

It’s hard to shake the feeling of wanting to buy something new.  Unfortunately this impulse often leads to buyers remorse or more shopping because when we shop with no purpose we tend to buy anything! There are methods to this madness and easy ways to ensure you have a productive shopping trip. You only need to really shop twice a year, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

Before heading to the mall or your preferred shopping places, clean your closet and get rid of unrepairable things, things that don’t fit, and things you never wear or will never wear again. Don’t hold on to stuff you won’t use, it’ll add clutter and make it hard to visualize what you really need.  Then make a list of key items you need in your wardrobe.  Key items are versatile, they can be worn many different ways with many different things. For example, in the Fall/Winter I always purchase a new plain white button down shirt; I wear it under sweaters or blazers, with jeans and a cardigan, or with a skirt and tights.  Be sure to carry your list to the mall with you and stick to the items on it, much like grocery shopping.

It is also important to be comfortable while shopping.  Wear flat shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking.  Next, be sure you wear something comfortable that can be easily removed like a dress. Be sure to wear seamless black panties and a black bra; wearing underclothes that will compliment all clothing makes it easy to visualize yourself in a piece.

Make sure you carry a nice sized bag to put snacks and water in, you do not want to eat a full meal at the mall in the middle of trying on clothes. Lastly, wear neutral accessories that will go with any outfit and be well groomed, this helps you visualize an overall look with your potential new pieces!

As much as we love our girl time at the mall, it is best to go shopping alone when shopping with a purpose.  Friends can distract you from your task  and cause you to veer from your list.  We are more likely to impulse shop when we have others with us, it doesn’t seem so bad when your not doing it alone.  Also too much conversation can distract you from really accessing the clothes on you for yourself, we take the word of our friends,  and lets face it, they don’t always know better!

Shopping with a purpose two times a year makes shopping the rest of the year so much easier.  You already have the base of your wardrobe and buying things to go along with them are a lot less overwhelming.  Knowing what you have makes it easier to get what you need and getting what you need first makes you feel a lot better about splurging on what you want later!

Here is a list of 10 essential wardrobe pieces every girl should have:

1.White Shirt: A classic white buttoned down shirt is versatile, you can wear it with jeans, a skirt, or a suit

2. Black Pumps: A plain pair of black pumps with no frills or thrills can carry you from the office to the dance floor

3.Black Leather Jacket: Invest in a nice leather jacket

4. Three Piece Suit: a suit that comes with a blazer and both the slack and the skirt, I would go with black but any dark color (grey, navy, brown) will do

5. Stylish Handbag: Splurge on nice leather black or brown handbag for everyday use

6. Little Black Dress (LBD): A little black dress will always cure the “nothing to wear blues”

7. Jeans: Invest in a quality pair of  simple and sexy jeans in a dark wash

8. Stud Earrings: Diamond studs are go to earrings for day or night.

9. Flats: A great pair of ballet flats are key in making a casual look special

10. Watch: A menswear or classic timepiece should always grace your arm

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