Regain Control Of Your Life In Three Easy Steps

Sometimes life just gets overwhelming. My days are filled and I barely have time to breath, or it seems like it anyway. But when I take stock of all of the things on my ‘to do” list, I can freely admit that some of it is not adding value to my life. It’s not just the things I am doing, but the people I am around and the things I possess as well. When I take inventory of my life and I realize it is filled with miscellaneous activities, or my home and closet is filled with material excess, or I am holding on to relationships and people that are not making me a better person, I know it is time to clean house.

I have compiled a list of three ways to detoxify your life, regain control of it,  and make room for new things to come.

1. Start at Home

Look in your closet, in your cabinets, in draws, and on your shelves and remove the things that you do not use. We too often equate excess and plenty with being good, but not in all cases. How often do we say, ” I have nothing to wear” because our closet is bustling with clothes and shoes making it difficult to make a choice or even find anything. Organize your home with the essentials and make sure everything has a place. When you use something, put it back in it’s place. If your home is organized and de-cluttered when you wake up in the mornings, the rest of your day will follow.

2. Detox your Life

Many of us have commitments coming out of our ears! We clutter our lives with things that keep us busy. Take time to really assess all of the commitments you’ve attached yourself to and decide whether they are adding value to your life. Are they fulfilling you in any way? If no, let them go. Open room in your life to do the things you love. Also, look at your daily routine. What type of structure does your day have. Reduce chaos in your life by planning out your days and when the week ends you’ll see how productive it really was.

3. Take Time for Yourself

Put yourself first, simple. Take the time to do the things that make you happy. Read a book, take a long nap, go to the spa, or do nothing at all. Allow yourself to pursue your passions with no hesitation. Give yourself permission to have personal time and don’t you dare feel guilty about it.




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