Summer Is

Summer is a walk in the park at sunset where the air is warm and the ground dusty

Summer is a long barefoot stroll in freshly cut grass that makes your ankles itch and your feet filthied

Summer is a picnic with your love on a blanket of memories with ice cold lemonade, sandwiches, and a bowl of cherries for two

Summer is a great book, read on a warm rainy night huddled in a corner by a window

Summer is a long hike up a hilly trail where the bugs are strange and plenty

Summer is a ice cold beer with thick droplets of cool dripping from the bottle

Summer is ripped shorts that barely cover the cuff of the butt and midriffs that give the belly button relief

Summer is the season of commitment where many pledge their love in white dresses with the freshest of flowers on tow

Summer is a mender of broken hearts, melting the frozen of winters grip

Summer is a 94 day dream that feels like the first kiss from a new love after the scariest of breakups

Summer Is…..

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