Self Check: Being Content With Yourself

I consider it a blessing that at the age of 30 I know exactly who I am and can say I am ok with it, happy even. I place great value on being content in who and where I am. Please don’t confuse my contentment with complacency because I am ever evolving and setting new goals, but I’m no longer the place of “searching for myself”. I am content in who I already am and make concerted effort to improve upon that person everyday.

So what exactly is contentment? In Angela’s terms, contentment is about embracing your person and loving what you already have to offer and building from there. Unfortunately, life rarely goes how we plan, so our happiness is based on how we respond to the twists and turns it throws at us.

I’ve learned to appreciate life for what it is and place value on everything that happens in it, including setbacks. Why? Because they add to your character. I tend to learn most from mistakes, once I get something wrong, if I don’t remember anything else, I’ll remember how to get that thing right the next time around.

Being content does not mean that you stop setting goals and working toward your vision of success, it just means be grateful for what God has blessed you with in the now. Stop wishing for more and take stock of what you already have and then build on it!

I realized that I was truly content with my life when I started to: complain less, stopped comparing my life to others, doing what I love, being myself, worry less, and celebrate others!

Contentment is wealth, cultivate it!


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    I love your blog! It is really positive and refreshing, which is hard to find now a days. I thought I would share another blog with you that I love and I think you may like, too. The link is . It reminds me a lot of your blog in that it is positive and has an interesting edge to it. Although her blogs focus has a lot to do with the French lifestyle, it also offers advice, fashion, lifestyle advice and recipes as well. I hope I didn’t impose by sharing this in your comments, but I genuinely think you will enjoy this blog as much as I do. Both this blog and yours I check daily for new updates and interesting tidbits 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Reply June 11, 2014


      No, you are not imposing at all! I look for new blogs and sites to follow for inspiration and entertainment everyday, THANK YOU!

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