Turn Old Magazines Into Chic Decor

I am a minimal person by nature. My closet is not full to the max, my apartment is very muted, and I do not buy more makeup, hair products, or toiletries until I’ve used up what I already have. I literally have one of everything (for the most part). But for some reason I have the most difficult time getting rid of my magazines, I always feel like I’ll need to reference something in them one day.

About six months ago I got rid of almost 100 magazines and I’ve accumulated too many more already. I’m not ready to part with my new pile just yet so I’ve come up with a good way to put them to use and justify the stash hiding under my desk.


I get so much inspiration from magazines it is hard not to frame every single thing. I try to stick to things that make me do a triple take. It can be story bylines, photos, an add, or an extra special clothing, shoe,or accessory item. I am mostly drawn to black and photos and print. The models usually look androgynous or made way down. I like fonts that are clean and precise, not too fussy. The frames I use are all inexpensive and in black, silver, and gold.

I’ve framed a few photos to spruce up my desk and serve as inspiration while I’m working. The best part about this decor trick is I can interchange the photos whenever I feel inspired by something new.

20140504-165258.jpgThe frames are from Target and The Dollar Tree ( yep, believe it). The process is simple. Choose your inspiration, cut it out, and place it in an appropriate sized frame.


  • Reply May 31, 2014

    Porsche Reese

    I’m the same about magazine. I have a bunch if Interior Design and Home Decor Magazine that I know for sure I’ll be able to reference. I usually just cut out the pages that I want to keep. Three whole punch them and keep them in a binder. Just a thought!

  • Reply February 25, 2017

    Florence Madina

    really good posts.

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