Self-Check: Learn Patience

I have to admit my patience is a bit on the nonexistent side. I am a “gotta have it” person at my core. I rarely online shop because of my need for instant gratification. This works for me in the areas of punctuality and tasks completion, but it doesn’t go over so well when dealing with other people or pursuing goals because I can be hard on myself if stuff doesn’t happen when and how I want it to. Luckily, patience or the lack thereof is simply a feeling (for me it’s more of an emotion as my impatience often makes me cry, really it does) and can be mastered through developing and utilizing self-control techniques.

I recently read an article in Real Simple magazine (May 2014) entitled, “Wait for it”. The article chronicled patience as a lost art due to our “insta” world. The article advises that patience or impatience is developed through nature and nurture, it is both born and bred. For example, anxiety and depression are both biological traits that may cause impatience (nature) but it can also be a learned behavior through overwhelming tasks or over commitment (nurture).

I am impatient in every sense of the action, emotion, feeling, and/or word and have been trying to reign in or at least minimize my freak out level from a 10 to a two. The article offered up some techniques to work on and improve your patience. Here are three that I have already began to utilize.


I mediate daily already in an effort to stay close to God. That is by far the most peaceful time of my day.  I know for some meditation can be difficult, but it’s worth putting work into perfecting. I find focusing on one particular thing and blocking everything surrounding it out makes that thing feel closer or in the case of impatience, feel less impossible to conquer. So breathe deeply, find your center, and exhale.

Use calming self-talk

I like this technique because it can be done anywhere and at any moment. There is power in your tongue and there is no greater way to demotivate yourself than with your own speak. Keep one or two positive and calming affirmations that you truly believe in and recite them to yourself when you feel impatience creeping up.

Slow Down

I realized that I get impatient with people mostly. It is usually when it has to do with my time. I am an extremely punctual person and have a hard time accepting when people are late or even worse, when they make me late! Also, I have a need to get things done quickly, still efficiently but quick! I like to complete tasks as soon as I get them to make room for the next. Having multiple tasks in progress is doable but I’d rather not (multi-tasking is overrated). What I am trying to teach myself is that being early to something or completing something in advance is not a requirement, it’s my requirement. I can also stand to slow it down! All the idle time that I create for myself in-between tasks or events allow space for impatience to creep in. My goal is to find a pace that works for me and works well with others. 


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    maillot PSG 2014

    maillot PSG 2014

    I value the article.Really looking forward to read more.

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      Thank you so much for checking it out. I hope I can continue to keep you interested!

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