How To: Cut and Store a Pineapple

Pineapples are intimidating little things. They have those thick leaves and that prickly skin that makes getting to the good part seem impossible or at the very least, too much work. Honestly, they are very easy to cut, as long as you take your time and break it down properly. Below I’ll tell you step by step how to pick, cut, and store fresh pineapple!



20140503-223851.jpgWhen choosing a pineapple you want to be sure you are picking one that is ripe and ready to eat. A simple test is to grab a leaf from the top and snatch. If it comes out easily, she’s ripe and ready to go!

20140503-224118.jpgNext, grab the entire stem with your palm and twist it off

20140503-224227.jpgRemove about an inch or so from each end with your knife

20140503-224338.jpgNext, sit the pineapple upright and run your knife down it to remove the outer layer

20140503-224517.jpgSlice into thick rounds

20140503-224642.jpgCut each round into chunks

20140503-224731.jpgLastly, store each set of chunks in a separate ziplock or sandwich bag.

One normal sized pineapple usually gives me about a weeks worth. I usually freeze a couple bags for smoothies or fruit sorbet and then refrigerate the others for a grab and go snack.

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