Self Check: When Keep It Real Goes Rude

“Tact is the ability to formulate your thoughts, carefully choose your words and effectively communicate them without offending anyone. This is the most difficult skill to achieve, the best skill anyone can possess, and the most important skill in our daily lives.”
― Uzoma Nnadi

There is never a time when speaking the truth and not compromising your values and beliefs is a bad thing, however, there is no gray area or fine line between “keeping it real” and keeping it real rude. It is not necessary to be a brazen badass that tells it like it is all the time. There are times when your truth is just an unwarranted opinion and when you “keep it real” anyway, you run into the rude category real quick.

This is not to refute that some people’s intentions when “keeping it real” are not genuine and coming from a positive place, but it could just as easily be a cleverly worded way of being nasty and rude. It really just depends on the person’s attitude and delivery. Everything can be handled with tact, even when you are having to stand up for yourself. The words, “I’m keeping it real” should never have to be actually said, your actions will speak to your true and authentic self.

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