Self Check: Encourage Yourself

My emotional well being is tied to my atmosphere, so I am a true believer in protecting my personal space. I not only protect it from people who are not adding value to it, but from myself as well. There is power in your tongue (Proverbs 18:21) so I am cognizant of what I allow myself to speak into my own life. What I’ve learned through some recent difficulties is God will remove your normal support (for whatever reason) to teach you the lesson of encouraging yourself.

For a few years I struggled with professional self-esteem (realizing my potential and knowing my worth) I knew I had to do something for strength so I began spending designated time with God every morning. I meditate on scripture(s) daily and seek answers from his word. I practice encouraging myself whether it’s a small affirmation or a full on mantra. Once I began speaking life into my desires and casting out my fears, my life started to shift. I don’t always know how God will work a situation out for me but through speaking his word over it, my faith is strengthened.

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