Five Places your Mr. Right may be Right Now

The most difficult aspect of dating for me was always, where the heck do you go to meet a good guy? I’ve got good news for us all ladies, they are in the same places we are and the best part is they are thinking the same thing! So why wait on them to make the first move? Go get him already!

Here are five places to start your search.

The Bar
Grab lunch alone at a steakhouse during the work week or dinner and a drink at a popular sports bar. Take a seat at the bar. Bring a laptop, IPad, or a book to keep yourself busy. Order something interesting and wait. These types of restaurants and bars are crawling with professional and single men at those times. You are sure to have several suitors chat you up. There is nothing sexier than a woman handling business and who’s confident enough to dine alone.

The Gym
The gym is crawling with single and super-hot men. Put on your best workout gear and give your heart a workout too. Ask a cute guy for instructions on using a machine or impress him more by asking for a spot. At least you already know you have something in common.

The Grocery Store
Single men have to buy groceries too. This is a perfect place to start a conversation with a handsome guy. You could inquire about item in his cart and that could lead to number exchanges and even a date. Chances are he lives close to you and share common interests.

The Park
You’ll be surprised at how many gorgeous men spend a nice day in the park running, playing catch with their dog, riding their bike, or just chilling with friends. Move your workout or reading to the park on a nice day and see what’s out there!

The Coffee Shop
Coffee shops are perfect for meeting guys. They are quiet, intimate, and usually have great ambiance. Usually people are alone at coffee shops pecking away at their computers or deep in a good book. Grab your favorite brew and cozy in a corner close to a cute guy. If he is reading something interesting, comment on it. Don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation to show you are interested.

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