Everything You Need to Know About a First Date

A little over two years ago I went on my first (first) date in six years! This was the real deal. Girl meets guy. Guy and girl talk on the phone for hours. Guy asks girl on a date. Girl freaks out! Why? Because it had been forever since I’d been on a first date. What do I wear, order, say? Admittedly, like a lot of women, I had made dating me way too easy. So easy in fact, I was nervous as all hell at the sheer idea of having to sit across the table from this guy at dinner and keep him entertained and do not even get me started on the horror I felt at having to eat in front of him, oh the shame!

Like I do for most mind boggling dilemmas, I turned to Google and typed, “How to prepare for a first date”. I learned a few lessons and tips and the date went really well. After a few more dates, I admitted to the guy that I googled how to date him, and he thought it was cute that I had put so much effort into it (and it obviously worked because he was/is still around, cheese!).

Here are four tips for a flawless first date:


Something simple but flattering. A nice pair of skinny jeans, a modest but sexy heel, or a figure flattering dress. You want to look great but you do not want to be over dressed or hyper sexualized because it will draw the attention away from who you are to what you are wearing (or what you look like under what you are wearing). Also, go for minimal makeup. Your everyday face turned up a notch with a nice highlight. Stick to nude or pale lips to avoid bleeding on your teeth or that weird chin stain (how does that even happen) and constant reapplication.


Order dishes that require you to use utensils, no finger licking on the first date. Also, be sure you avoid things that can get stuck in your teeth (hello spinach) or foods that are heavy on garlic, onions, and other pungent ingredients.


Stick to “getting to know you” topics like: birthplace, education, career, siblings, food and drink preferences, and preferred typed of entertainment (music, movies, and books). You want to avoid or at least not initiate conversations about past relationships, anything you are disgruntled about at the moment (work, family, friend issues), and laying out your great expectations (it’s too early for that).


If you are not comfortable with your date knowing where you live just yet, meet him (I did). Allow him to open doors and pull out chairs for you (it’s not that chivalry is dead, we just often miss it). Have one, maybe two drinks. Getting even just a little tipsy is just tacky. Say thank you to acknowledge all of his kind gestures (if men know they are appreciated, they may just do it more). Most importantly, have a good time. Be yourself. Laugh and be flirty and make him want a second date!


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