Delicious White Sangria

The weather is getting warmer everyday and that means pool parties, BBQ’s, and summer holiday celebrations are on the way. I like to have a go to item to bring whenever I am invited to any type if celebration and for this season it’s this delicious white sangria.


This drink is so good and refreshing and easy to make, store, and carry along with you to a party (slice extra fruit and pack it in containers and pour the sangria into a couple small (ish) carafe’s for transporting). The best thing about it is it’s versatility because you can make so many different versions of it. Choose your liquor (any white table wine will do. I went with Moscato because it’s a dessert wine so it’s already sweet), add the fuzzy (ginger ale instead of a sparkling wine if you are like me and don’t want it too boozy), and go to town with all your favorite fruits and berries.

Here’s what I used

1 lemon
1 large orange

6-8 large strawberries

1 green apple
Handful of red and green grapes

2L ginger ale
1 bottle moscato
3oz peach schnapps


Slice strawberries and citrus fruits in rounds and the grapes in halves. Add the moscato, ginger ale, and peach schnapps in a pitcher and mix well. Drop all the fruit directly into the mixture (save some for garnish in your glass) and allow to chill in the refrigerator for a couple hours.



Decorate the inside of your glass with the fruit you saved for garnish, pour the sangria and enjoy!

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