The Lowdown on Vegan Eating

I was less than half a year from turning 30 and I found myself searching for purpose and trying to figure out how to live my best life. I usually excel under pressure so I decided to add even more discomfort into life and do a vegan challenge to test my will power. This meant six months of an animal and animal product free diet, no eggs, no meat, no cheese, and no dairy. For a self-proclaimed foodie like me, this was a huge undertaking.

I knew very little about veganism so it required a lot of research. In my research, I rediscovered my love for cooking, entertaining, writing, and pretty much everything lifestyle. About four months into my journey I had discovered my passion and purpose and The Cultured Domestic was born. I have since reverted to vegetarianism by adding some cheese and eggs back into my diet but will not resume eating meat until June 2014. I do plan to ease back into animal consumption and will add some fish back into my diet beginning in May.

Veganism has had all positive effects on me and I would recommend it to anyone looking to challenge themselves. Read more to find out what I learned through my vegan process and one of my go to dishes during the challenge.


What is a vegan diet?

A strict vegan diet is absent of meat and animal products. This includes dairy, eggs, cheese, and some cases honey. There are different types, terms, and definitions for veganism so if you are thinking of trying it, more research is recommended.


What are the benefits of a vegan diet?

For me, the vegan diet has resulted in increased energy levels, clearer skin, more sleep, regular digestion, and some weight loss.


What can’t be consumed?

On a vegan diet you will need to exclude meat, eggs, cheese, dairy products, and all other animal derived ingredients. Also avoid any foods processed using animal products.


What can be consumed?

Vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts, and so much more are acceptable on a vegan diet. There are so many companies and brands that have great meatless/dairy substitutes for almost anything!

*Note: Be sure you do extensive research before attempting to go vegan. You want to be educated on how to be vegan and still provide your body with the proper protein and nutrients to function properly. You may want to even consult a physician


To start you off, here is one of my go to vegan staples. I have it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It can be a side dish or a main course, and it’s quick and easy too! It is my quick and easy sautéed spinach!

Sauteed Spinach

Quick and Easy Sautéed Spinach

  • Sautee Spinach with EVOO until wilted
  • Add minced garlic near the end
  • Plate and squeeze lemon juice and salt to taste


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